Making deals happen

Time Saving

Reduce your manual workload to a minimum to increase both quality and quantity of your dealflow

Market Clustering

Use our proprietary market clustering algorithm to screen companies faster

First-Mover Advantage

Exploit the advantages of being the first to identify a suitable investment target

Take your dealsourcing to the next level

Our software utilizes the power of AI and graphical visualization to empower your investment analysis.

Market Clustering

Identifying specific market categories and grouping competitors can be a time-consuming challenge. Our proprietary clustering algorithm provides you with a more accurate, automated result.

Enriched Data

The amount of online data exceeds human processing capabilities. We enrich companies financial data with additional background information from a variety of online sources to provide you with a quick & detailed overview.

Success Scores for Aquisition

Use our success scores based on historical data to determine how likely a successful deal will be.

Graphical Visualization

Excel Sheets are a thing of the past. Immediately identify key investment criteria with our graphical visualization solution.

Our Team

We have successfully worked together on 15+ projects and suffered from the manual tasks in this industry ourselves

Julian Wolz

Customer Relationship

Analyzed > 2.000 companies
in > 35 long lists

Ingo Mayer

Software Engineering

Focused strongly on artificial
intelligence in academia

Alexander Schmitt

Business Development

Analyzed > 1.800 companies
in > 30 long lists

Our Supporters

Advisory Board

Having supported TEG | the entrepreneurial group e.V. for several years, I’m happy to see such
a promising endeavor. I believe this team of former board members has the right skills and
knowhow to succeed.

Falk Strascheg

Founder of the Strascheg Center for Entrepreneurship, Venture Capitalist

Digitization is disrupting our markets, especially capital markets show tremendous potential for improvements. Utilizing a solution for automation will significantly increase process efficiencies.

Prof. Dr. Matthias Bühlmaier

Professor at the interface of finance and NLP at the University of Hong Kong (HKU)